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Scuba Diving Lighthouse Dahab


Lighthouse is one of the most popular sites in Dahab due to easy access and suitability for all water sport activities. It is a central location in Dahab’s Masbat Bay.

The entry is from the beach and is easy in all conditions. Follow the slope down to your maximum depth and swim over sandy bottom and around hard coral pinnacles. Shallow up slowly while keeping the shallows on your left until you reach the saddle, a rich coral structure that separates the bay from the northern, more exposed shore. Turn around and shallow to around 10-12 metres with the reef on your right, and enjoy the sights and the reef wall full of crevices and hidden creatures.

The Lighthouse dive site and the bay are an excellent site for night diving; all of the south area of the Lighthouse is a bay rich in sandy areas and dense seagrass patches until the Mashraba dive site.

Location:Masbat, Dahab

Sights: napoleons, crocodilefish, parrotfish, surgeonfish, octopus, seahorses, groupers, turtles, rays, scorpionfish…

Suitability: Open water divers

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Lighthouse Dahab Dive Site Map

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Dive Sites Around Dahab

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Abu Helal

This dive site is located just south of the Canyon. Ras abu Helal is best dived at high tide when the weather conditions are calm.

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Scuba Diving Eel Garden Dahab

Eel Garden

This dive site is located a few hundred metres north of Lighthouse in Dahab. Eel Garden is only dived in non windy conditions, as currents can be strong.

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