Dahab Dive Sites

Scuba Diving The Canyon Dahab


You access this dive site through a shallow sandy lagoon, whose depth reaches up to 3 metres. Swim through the lagoon and exit on the other end, dropping down on a stunning coral garden, 5 to 10 metres deep. Turn left and follow the bottom of the coral garden until you reach the Canyon, a long crack spreading perpendicularly from the shore.

The Canyon is a deep opening in the sea bed, with entries and exits located at around 18, 22 and 54 metres. Inside the Canyon, depths range from 25 metres to its shallowest point (closest to the reef wall) to more than 50 metres. You have to be an advanced diver to dive here. Technical divers may enter the canyon and follow it down to the deepest exit, through a crack located at 54-55 metres.

After exiting from the Canyon, you can have a swim around the Fish Bowl, an unstable but colourful structure full of lionfish and anthias that is located at the beginning of the Canyon. From there, shallow up towards the reef wall (12 metres) and swim back to the entry of the lagoon.

Location: 20 min. North from Dahab

Sights: glassfish, Red Sea Walkman, groupers, mullets, stingrays, napoleons, octopus…

Suitability: Advanced divers, tec divers, CCR divers

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Canyon Dahab Dive Site Map

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