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Holidays are just getting more interesting when you take the chance to learn more about Egypt, the Sinai and its incredible people.
The easiest way to do this is by participating in an excursion conducted by native guides.
Just plunge with us into the wonders of a thousand and one nights!

Snorkelling in Dahab


the Red Sea

Snorkeling in Dahab may be as varied and interesting as diving. The availability of so many sites and reefs just metres away from the shore, from the North to the South of Dahab, enables you to choose what YOU want to see!

Enjoy the warm waters of the Red Sea and the many different colourful fish and corals at sites like the Blue Hole, the Lighthouse, Islands and the Southern Oasis (Moray Garden, Three Pools, etc.). On site, enjoy a relaxing day in the sun or with a delicious fruit juice in the shade of a beach shack.

Tailored day trips are available for individuals and groups; just tell us where you want to go!


Ras Abu Galum

Spend an unforgettable day in the National Nature Reserve of Ras Abu Galum, giving you a taste of the authentic Bedouin lifestyle and the spectacular sights. Enjoy the nature, the silence, the beach, the mountains, the sea, the sparkling stars and the hospitality of the Bedouin people who live here.

The trip itself is an experience: the 1.5 hour camel ride along this especially beautiful part of the Red Sea coastline gives you an understanding of the pride of the people who live here. Book this amazing day trip in advance, or at the hotel when you arrive.

Ras Abu Galum lifestyle




Experience an evening in the desert, the wadis and the oasis under the stars. Enjoy the deep silence of the mountains and the surrounding nature. Get the opportunity to rake a glimpse at the amazing fauna and flora of the Sinai mountains and desert. The wadi is located 20-30 minutes from the hotel and can be reached by jeep, by camel or by horse.

Enjoy a traditional Bedouin Dinner consisting of meat or fish, rice and vegetables served with tea around a barbecue fire, and learn about the rich culture and hospitality of the Bedouins.



Starting from the quad bike centre, you can drive a quad bike on several different routes in Dahab. The two hour trip can get you to one of the wadis in the inner mountains (wadi Connexion or wadi Qunai), then reach the wadi Towaylat to enjoy a Bedouin tea and a short relaxation. Another circuit brings you to the Dahab Canyon, where you can drink tea and snorkel in the blue lagoon of Dahab on the way back.

This fun adventure is open to anyone! Take in the gorgeous mountain vistas and the spectacular views on the Gulf of Aqaba on this adrenaline-filled and exciting adventure on four wheels.

Riding Quads through the desert

Wadi Desert Safari


Day Trip

This fantastic day trip takes you out in the heart of South Sinai mountains and desert to the famous canyons. After an 80 km jeep ride to the entrance of the desert, a Bedouin family meets you and loads your belongings on camels to continue to the Hudra Valley.

While descending in the valley, you can enjoy great views of the Sandstone Mountains. The hour-long camel ride brings you to the beautiful White Canyon, which you can trek through to reach the Ain Khudra Oasis. This oasis offers you shade under a palm tree garden, lunch and traditional Bedouin tea. The next stop is the Coloured Canyon, a canyon full of coloured patterns and formations. The jeep then brings you back to Dahab around 5 pm.


Mount Sinai

Visit the isolated, mountain-dwelling Saint Catherine’s Monastery to witness the renowned multi-cultural collection of icons, books and religious artefacts. This trip can be taken during day-time (to witness the sunset) and night-time (to witness the sunrise).

After climbing Mount Sinai (also known as Mount Moses), at an altitude of 2285 metres, you are rewarded with breathtaking views down on the mountain landscape and on the famous sunrise/sunset… an experience not to be missed in the Sinai! Overnight trips to St Catherine’s and Mount Sinai are scheduled weekly, so book in advance or at the hotel when you arrive.

Saint Catherine's Monastery


SHAMS HOTEL is kept small, with a friendly feel and atmosphere, and offers a total of 20 rooms.


THE RED SEAs underwater world and its beauty has attracted divers for decades, and for good reasons.

Packages and Offers in Dahab

HOLIDAY PACKAGES and travel deals to make even more enjoyable your time in Dahab.


DIVING SAFARIS bring you to the wonders of the Red Sea by boat or by camel.