3 Pools

3 Pools

Dahab Dive Sites

Scuba Diving 3 Pools Dahab

3 Pools

This dive site starts with a series of three natural pools with a sandy bottom. Starting the dive at high tide makes it easier to pass from one pool to another.

After exploring the third pool, exit into open water. Once out into open water you will find a hard coral slope with massive pore corals and small pinnacles between which you can find salad corals and brain corals. Descend to a depth of 15 / 20 metres and circle a sandy plateau while keeping the reef on your left. ??End the dive by coming back to your starting point or if sea conditions and available remaining air permit, drift to Moray Garden in a gorgeous shallow lagoon.

Location: South Oasis, 30 min. from Dahab

Sights: Barracudas, schooling squids, Picasso triggerfish, Napoleons, turtles…

Suitability: Open water divers

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